Support for a Young Universe


The measurement of the earth’s spin rate shows that the earth is slowing down at a rate of about 1 second per year. If earth is billions of yrs old its initial spin rate would have been too fast for life or even the existence of our planet.

The amount of atmospheric helium demands an atmosphere of less than 40k years of age.

Short Term Comets

Most astronomers agree that short-term comets have a lifespan of 1,500 to 10,000 years (at the most). Astronomers have observed the “DEATH” of ten of these comets in this century.

Since evolutionists realize all short-term comets should have “DIED” if the universe is 7.3 to 20 billion years old, they have postulated some theories to explain the origin of these comets apart from the “BIG BANG”.

Jupiter “captures” long-term comets and rearranges its orbit to change it into a short-term comet (never yet observed).

Jupiter has immense volcanoes that “spew” out comets.

The force needed to expel a comet unobserved. Physical constituents of comets do not permit such origins .

Orbits of comets are not in correct relationship to Jupiter .

“The failure to find a mechanism to resupply comets or to form new comets would seem to lead to the conclusion that the age of the comets, and hence, the solar system, is quite young, on the order of just several thousand years at most

. . . the obvious is that the solar system has been operating on a short time scale since its creation.”

Harold Slusher, Age of the Cosmos, p. 48


If a “Big Bang” occurred and the earth was formed from gases, etc., that due to gravitational contraction, radioactivity, etc., were heated to near molten conditions, then polonium halos could not have formed in the precambrian granite in which they are found.

If the granite was molten when the polonium entered it, there would be no “halo”. If the granite was solidified (hard) no polonium could enter it.

Robert Gentry writes: ” . . . Unless the creation of the radioactivity and rocks were simultaneous there would be no . . . pleochroic halos .

. . . The radioactivity and formation of the rocks must be almost instantaneous. Could the earth have been created by fiat? No one has thus far proposed an alternative concept that will account for the variant halos.

The granite must have been created cold and solid with the polonium already in it!

Robert Gentry, “Cosmology and Earth’s Invisible Realm”, Medical Opinion and Review, Oct. l967, p. 65ff


Coal can be formed in a laboratory in 20 minutes (oil in a split second at deep sea steam vents).

If some radioactive polonium was trapped in woody material (pre-hard coal), the high energy radioactive center would produce a “halo”. As this “woody” material is compressed into coal, the initial radioactive halo would be flattened. If another radioactive isotope were present with a longer half-life, a second “halo” would be produced, but it would retain its spherical shape–Therefore the coal would display flattened and spherical halos. This display of flattened and spherical halos is exactly what Gentry found in Colorado coal deposits. These halos necessitate quick formation of coal (maximum of 50 years) and young rocks.

Gentry states: “Such extraordinary values admit the possibility that both the initial uranium infiltration and coalification could possibly have occurred within the past several thousand years.”

Robert V. Gentry, et al., “Radiohalos in coalified wood: New Evidence Relating to the Time of Uranium Introduction and Coalification,” Science Vol. l94 (15 Oct. l976): 315-317.


Both Jupiter and Saturn radiate more than twice the energy they receive from the sun. Caculations show that it is very unlikely that this energy comes from rad- ioactive decay or gravitational contraction. Solution: These planets have not existed long enough to cool off!!!


Helium is formed as uranium breaks down into lead. There is only a few thousand years quantity of helium in our atmosphere if it was all formed by the uranium decay process. This indicates a young earth.


An eighty-foot long baleen whale is standing on its tail in diatomaceous earth. At Lompoc, CA., the workers of the Dicalite Division of Grefco Corp. uncovered the fossil of a baleen whale standing on end in a deep deposit of diatomite earth. The whole fossil proves that the diatomaceous deposit was not formed over millions of years, but in an extremely short period of time.

“Workers Find Whales in Diatomaceous Earth Quarry”, Chemical & Engineering News, 11 Oct. l976, p. 40


Dr. Russell Humphreys, A physicist at Sandia National Laboratories, writes concerning the work of Dr. Thomas Barnes realating to the decay of earth’s magnetic field:

“Barnes cited some historical data (not well known at the time) showing that the overall strength of the earth’ magnetic field has indeed steadily declined by about 7% since l835 when it was first measured.

The decay rate depends on the electrical resistance of the earth’s core, and the observed rate is consistent with the estimated resistence of materials at core temperatures and pressures. The field strength should decrease by a constant percentage each year, and the data are consistent with such a decrease, implying that the field loses half its strength every 1400 years. Such a rapid decay could not have continued for more than about 10,000 years; otherwise the initial strength of the field would have been impossibly high . . . The present rapid decay of the magnetic field is strong evidence for a young earth.”

See I.C.R. Impact #188, Feb. l989


The sun acts like a giant vacuum cleaner. It sweeps up an estimated 100,000 tons of space dust and micrometeoroids each day. This phenomenon is known as the Poynting-Robertson Effect.

If the solar system is actually billions of years old, it should have been “swept clean” by this effect. No longer should the solar system contain this dust and particles. Proceeding at its present rate, the sun would have “cleaned house” in less than 10,000 years as there is no known source of appreciable replenishment. However, micrometeoroids are copious throughout the solar system, and this fact speaks convincingly for a relatively young solar system.

Scott Huse, The Collapse of Evolution, p. 29.


Underground cavern guides tell you that it takes thousands of years for stalactites to form. Guides will show you huge stalactites with a drop of water on the tip.

What the guides do not show you or tell you is that around the corner where there is more water flowing the stalactites form so fast they must be scraped off wires!!


High gas and oil pressures within relatively permeable rock implies these products were encased less than 10,000 years ago. If they were encased more than 10,000 yrs ago the pressure would have dropped to measurements significantly lower than those recorded today.


Could take millions of years if you use classical Euclidian physics.

Could take 15.71 years if you use Non-Euclidean physics, especially the postulates of Riemann. (see Niessen ICR#121)

Could take three days if you factor in the possible slowing down of the speed of light. (Probably light and star made together)


If the Biblical Flood occurred about 5000 years ago and destroyed all dry-land plants, then the oldest any living plant could be is about 5000 years old.

Bristle-cone pines have been dated at about 5000 years old!

Maybe these trees began to grow shortly after the flood of the days of Noah!


Every year the Mississippi River carries tons and tons of eroded dirt into the Gulf of Mexico.

Scientists have been measuring the growth of the Mississippi delta for many years.

At the present rate the entire delta would have accumulated in less than 5000 years.


Scientists are carefully watching Niagara Falls.

“Because the rim of the falls is wearing back at a known rate every year, geolo-gists recognize that it has only taken about 5000 years to erode from its original precipice.” [Dennis Peterson, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, vol. 1 (El Cajon: Master Books, 1988) p.39]


If continents have existed for 1 billion yrs as evolutionists posit then erosion must have been vastly different in the past!

At present known erosion rates the continents would have been leveled in about 14 million years.


The rate at which elements such as copper, gold, tin, lead, silicon, mercury, uranium and nickel are entering the seas is very rapid when compared with the small quantities of these elements already in the oceans. Therefore the oceans must be much younger than even 1 million years.


Adding to the evidence for a young earth is our receding moon.

Scientists calculate that our moon is moving away from earth at a rate of about two inches per year.

If the earth is 4.5 billion years old then the moon should have drifted out of sight.


The astronauts brought back samples of moon rocks containing large amounts of isotopes of uranium and thorium.

These isotopes are short-lived and should no longer be present in the moon rocks if the moon is 3-4 1/2 billion years old as NASA published.


Astronomers have been measuring the size of the sun for 400 years.

Depending on which person you read, our sun would have been so big that as little as 1,000,000 years ago earth would have been too hot for life.

This means there was not enough time for any type of Evolution to happen!


“Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things (stars), that bringeth out their host by number: he calleth them all by names by the great- ness of his might, for that he is strong in power; not one faileth (is missing, NASB).”

[God names each star=trillions of words for names!!!] Isaiah 40:26