You do not have to throw out your brains or any true, scientifically testable and verifiable science to believe in a literal six, 24-hour day creation that took place approximately six thousand years ago. We can believe that the Creator, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, created everything fully functional and mature. He displayed His ability to act without the human necessity of time by His miracles.

Marvel Of God’s Creation #10: The Woodpecker

If there is any animal that breaks the rules of evolution in such a way that it could not possibly have evolved, then it would need God as its Creator. The woodpecker is an example of such an animal. And if there is any animal (like the woodpecker) that must have needed God to create it, why not believe in God as the creator of everything else as well?

10 Deception In The Textbooks

Are there any fraudulent ideas promoted in the teachings and texts of the evolutionists? Jonathan Wells, Ph.D. (molecular and cell biology), from UC-Berkeley, lists a few of the known frauds in evolutionary teachings: