1 The Evolution Of A Creationist

Frustration was not an adequate word to describe my feelings! Which was true—evolution and billions of years, or creation in six 24-hour days? Two of my students at Baylor College of Dentistry had challenged me to investigate the possibility that the God of the Bible had created everything in six 24-hour days, as described in the first chapter of Genesis. My first reaction was, “Only an ignorant fool would believe in those ancient myths of the Book of Genesis.”

Marvels Of God’s Creation

At the end of each chapter (and within some chapters), a “Marvel of God’s Creation” will be inserted to display the uniqueness of certain creatures in God’s creation. Evolutionary belief is based on the premise that through a series of chance mutations and natural selection, plants and animals evolve new parts and abilities as they are needed. Textbooks talk about fossil turtles and fossil cockroaches being several hundred million years old. And yet these fossil creatures look exactly like living turtles and cockroaches look today.


This book is a condensation and simplification of more than thirty years of studies that moved me from unquestioning belief in Darwinian evolution to undoubting trust in the special six-day creation by God as presented in the biblical account.

The Evolution of a Creationist

A Layman’s Guide To The Conflict Between The Bible And Evolutionary Theory

by Dr. Jobe Martin