3 Has God Been Toppled?

One day my two creationist dental students asked me to give them a scientific explanation for how evolution occurs. In other words, they wanted me to defend my evolutionary beliefs by telling them the scientific evidence I could present as proof of how one creature evolves into another and whether that evidence conflicts with the Bible. Darwin seemed like the logical place to start searching for my answer. I believed the evidence was there somewhere, but I’d never been asked to prove it before. Did I ever get a shock!

Marvel Of God’s Creation #2: The Incubator Bird

The Megapode or “incubator bird” of Australia is unique among birds. This three to four pound bird resembles a chicken or a small turkey. Some native Australians call it the brush turkey.

2 ...And Then Came Assumptions

Many college science professors never tell their students that the evolutionary model of one cell to man is based on assumptions. What is an assumption? It is something taken for granted and supposed to be true.11 As a six-day creationist, I believe God created the universe and everything in it fully mature (some creationists describe this as being created with the appearance of age). I cannot prove this with scientific experiments, so this belief is called an assumption. I suppose it to be true.