5 Orangutans, Monkeys And Man

When studied at the level of molecules, cells, or fossil bones, the evolutionary ancestors of people (ape-man or man-like-apes) are not to be found. In spite of this, elaborate attempts are made to “prove” that man evolved from early primates (ape-like creatures). As one surveys the literature regarding our supposed human evolutionary ancestors, not much agreement is found. A claim by one evolutionist is negated with claims by another.

4 “Missing Links” Are Missing

As a college student I was convinced that evolution was true and that, in time, scientists would find the missing pieces. I thought science would ultimately provide us with an unbroken chain of evidence supporting the evolution and relationship of all things. Many scientists are still hoping for this evidence.

Marvel Of God’s Creation #3: The Black And Yellow Garden Spider

The black and yellow garden spider is a special creation of the God of the Bible. As does each species of spider, it has its own unique web, which may be spun more than two feet in diameter. At the center of the web, the spider makes a dense area of silk that often gives the appearance of a zipper or zigzag bulk of silk.