9 Earth: Young Or Old? Give Me Facts, Not Assumptions

When faced with a lack of evidence to support their faith system, the evolution of molecules to man, the evolutionist will always fall back on the argument of “time.” “Give us enough time,” they say, “and evolution will occur.” And so the evolutionists publish dates of billions of years for the age of the universe. These “billions and billions of years” are emphasized from our childhood days. As little children, we hear famous people and “credentialed” science writers in white lab coats over and over again and again refer to these long ages of time.

Marvel Of God’s Creation #8: The Chicken Egg

A fertilized chicken egg is a very special creation. Before even thinking about a chick developing in an egg, it is interesting to ponder how the chicken manages to get a shell around that slippery, raw, fertilized egg. It is a rare sight on the farm to see raw egg smeared on the outside of the shell. Have you ever attempted to put an egg back into its shell after it rolled off the counter?

8 Do Mutations Produce New Life Forms?

When I began to feel the pressure of having no experimentally verifiable facts to substantiate my position as a theistic evolutionist, I turned to what I thought was my ace in the hole: Genetics. Didn’t everyone know that the science of genetics had irrevocably shown evolution in progress? Without mutations (changes in the genes and chromosomes), there is no evolutionary change.

Marvel Of God’s Creation #7: The Beaver

The beaver is another uniquely designed creation. The following is copied verbatim from Creation Ex Nihilo, Vol. 15 No. 2, March-May 1993, pp. 38-41. Hopefully you will see the value of subscribing to this creationist magazine (contact as you read the words of author and scientist, Denis Dreves: